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Kidstock - July 13-17

Kidstock - July 20-24


River Music Experience's KIDSTOCK summer music program lets kids be rock stars! Pick between one of our week-long sessions to unlock their inner performer.

A KIDSTOCK session gives young musicians, ages 8-18, the opportunity to participate in workshops lead by professional musicians, form a band with fellow campers, and put on a performance in RME’s Redstone Room for their friends and family.
Students will meet from 12-5pm each day during their session with a final concert in the Redstone Room that Friday night.

KIDSTOCK helps students learn about valuable life skills such as teamwork, compromise, and determination - all while doing something they love.

Certain sessions of KIDSTOCK will be focus on a specific genre, similar to the Ellis Kell Winter Blues Camp, focusing on growing a deeper understanding of an important area of music.

KIDSTOCK FUNK teaches kids about the power of the groove, understanding the importance of space between notes, along with learning of about the history of funk and its masters. For young musicians looking to add more dynamic rhythm to their playing, this is definitely the place to start.

KIDSTOCK is supported by HAVLife, Mediacom, the Terry Lundardi Foundation at the Quad City Community Foundation, and WHBF.


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Kidstock - July 13-17

Kidstock - July 20-24

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