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River Music Experience


Since 2010, RME has hosted a free concert series called Friday Live@Five in the RME Courtyard on 2nd Street. The series takes place from June all the way through September, and with few exceptions, happens every Friday night at 5 o’clock. With an average attendance over 200 individuals in 2016, featuring a wide variety of music genres and a wider variety of attendee ages and demographics, RME loves providing this free entertainment opportunity for members of our community.

RME’s mission is to provide opportunities for our community to listen to, learn about, and play music. Live@Five fits within two of those goals as most of the performers are local artists and everyone is welcome to experience the music with us.

Friday Live@Five is a perfect way for a couple to start their evening before going out to dinner, an inexpensive way for parents to let their children experience live music, or a great way for a group of friends to unwind after work. Live@Five serves all members of our community, and that’s the way we like it.    

2017 Schedule