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KIDSTOCK: More than music

By: Ben Schwind

The talking-points for music education are always the same. Kids who read music do better in other subjects like math and science. What’s often forgotten is the effect music has after the final bell. Writing, practicing, and performing music taught me important life skills applicable outside of music. It’s given me life-long friends. It helped me build character.

When my friends and I heard about the new summer music camp at River Music Experience back in 2006, we were immediately hooked. We got to spend two weeks playing music as loud as we wanted, what more could you want?

The hidden benefit though, was the help and guidance of an instructor. When our two weeks were up and we performed on the Redstone Room stage, it was an experience unlike any other.
Done the right way, being in a band is as constructive as playing sports. You learn the importance of teamwork, compromise, and problem solving. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, but you work to elevate them rather than tearing them down. You’re bound to have disagreements, but end up coming together in the end because it’s all for the love of music. That is such an important skill in the world
outside of music.

Participating as a camper and now instructor in KIDSTOCK, formerly Rock Camp USA, I’ve seen the importance of instilling these values. I’ve seen kids who come up through the program, barely able to play their instrument and scared to death of a microphone, now play with three or four different bands. They’re confident, and all it took was a little help and mentoring. That’s the type of attitude these kids need to bring to their professional and adult lives.

Our students are not only impressive as musicians, but as people. For them, it’s never a competition, it’s a community. They lift each other up, they’re humble regardless of talent, and always willing to listen to each other.

I know RME programs like KIDSTOCK do great things for our community. I’ve been on both sides of the program, and I’m not the only one. There’s a reason that so many past campers want to help out. They’ve seen what encouragement, teamwork, and constructive practice can do for a young musician and want to pass that on.

Ask any musician, these are the kind of people you want to play with. Outside of music though, these are the kind of people you want to work with. The core curriculum benefits of music are not to be overlooked, but next time, let’s talk about the intangibles of music education as well.

Find out more about Kidstock and sign up for the next session here!

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