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River Music Experience

Let's Band Together

Jonna Rubins and her daughter Katie banded together two years ago to collect and donate instruments to children in need.  The non-profit organization they formed to accomplish their goal is called Let’s Band Together , and the Rubins have now decided to hand off the baton to the River Music Experience (RME), who will continue to administer the instrument-donation program moving forward.

“The cost of renting or buying an instrument is prohibitive for some students to play so that’s why we started Lets Band Together,” Mrs. Rubin said in an early interview.  She added, “Band is just such a positive group of kids and if another child who wouldn’t be able to do that can do it because of an instrument, that’s our goal. We know how expensive it can be to play an instrument.”

The Rubin family enlisted the help of West Music Company to provide estimates for reconditioning the donated instruments and secured grant monies to cover the needed repairs.
The nonprofit performing arts center will accept donations of instruments, arrange for any necessary repairs, and coordinate the distribution of the instruments to those who qualify based on individual need.  Instruments will be loaned to students in need and returned to the RME if and when the student decides to discontinue his or her study of music via private lessons and/or participation in a school band program.
For more information about donating an instrument, or to nominate a student to receive an instrument from the Let’s Band Together program at RME, please contact:
Bret Dale, Director of Programming
FAX: 563-326-1444