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Curbside Concerts




The popular Curbside Concerts are back! Enjoy live music in your very own private concert setting.

Curbside Concerts are a great way to relax, enjoy the (socially-distanced) company of friends and neighbors, and support RME and local QC musicians.

RME will provide an outdoor concert right on your very own curb, driveway, or yard (or even at your business).

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for us all, and live music is no exception. As the weather warms up, we think it’s time for a little live music, don’t you?

We have created a variety of options to suit our community’s needs, from small private gatherings to big parties. So break out those barbecues, call up the neighbors, and let’s get the party started!

Performance Opportunities:

Solo Performer:  One musician performs 60 min set for $150

Duo/Trio Performance:  Two-Three musicians perform a 75 min set for $375

Full Band Performance (4+ members):  Full band performs a 90 min set for $600

Alan Sweet - Rock, Soul, Reggae

Options: Solo, Duo/Trio, Full Band

Availability: Generally Available

Alex Axup - Rock

Options: Solo, Duo/Trio, Full Band (Fair Warning or The Velies)

Availability: Generally Available

Angela Meyer - Country, Americana

Options: Solo

Availability: Generally Available

Brady Jager - Reggae, Rock

Options: Solo, Duo/Trio, Full Band

Availability: After 5PM on weekdays and all day weekends

David G. Smith - Roots, Alternative Folk

Options: Solo

Availability: Generally Available

Don Gustofson - Classic Rock, Blues

Options: Solo

Availability: Generally Available

Jenny Lynn Stacy - Rockabilly, Country, Rock

Options: Solo

Availability: Thursday nights and Friday through Sunday. Generally Available after June 15

Karl Beatty - Alternative Rock

Options: Solo, Duo/Trio (Karl & Ko)

Availability: Generally Available

Logan Springer - Country, Americana

Options: Solo, Duo/Trio

Availability: Generally Available

Lojo Russo - Roots, Folk

Options: Solo

Availability: Most Thursdays and some Fridays and Sundays. Not available for any Saturday in August

Minus Six MinusTwo - Alternative

Options: Duo

Availability: Generally Available

Mo Carter - Americana

Options: Solo, Duo, Full Band (The Velies and Mo&Co)

Availability: Duo & Full Band available after 5PM, more available for solo with enough notice. Not available April 24, May 7, Mary 21-23, June 5, or June 13

Tony Hoeppner - Blues, Classic Rock

Options: Duo/Trio

Availability: Daily after 4PM or after 6PM on Tuesdays

Our Safety Guidelines

The safety of the audience and musicians is our top priority. At this time, only outdoor locations are allowed. We encourage you and your guests to take reasonable safety precautions based on your own comfort level.

Please provide a space for the musicians to perform that is at least 12 feet from where the audience will be seated. (That’s about 4 guitar lengths!) This will protect both the musicians and the audience members.

Please help keep our musicians safe by respecting their distance. We want to shake your hand and give you a hug, too! But a friendly wave or an air-high-five will have to do for now.


To Sign up a musician for your own Curbside Concert, please fill out this submission form and an RME Employee will be in touch within 3 business days to confirm artist availability.

Times available: Per customer request, any day of the week.  Performance to end by Sunset (7:30pm in Spring/8:30pm in Summer) unless customer can provide additional lighting.  Outside performances only available at this time.  

Payment will be requested by the RME after confirmation of artist availability.