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River Music Experience

Musician Resources

Welcome to RME’s Resources Page! Below you’ll find a list of bands if you are in need for music for an upcoming event, booking tips, and other professional needs such as photography, backline equipment, recording, and more! 

RME has provided a list of musicians and bands listed below by their main music genre. All the bands are linked to their websites and need to be contacted by you if you’d like to inquire about a date. Each band has given their approval to be listed below, and if your band would like to be added, please email Kate Dale.

If you’ve not had much experience booking a band before, we have offered some tips to help guide you in this process. Please click here to view tips for hiring a band and happy booking!


Avey-Grouws Band 
Travis Ried Band 
Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey 
Zach Harris Band 
Curtis Hawkins Band
The Whoozdads?
Lojo Russo
Bryce Janey
Craig Erickson
Matt Woods
Kevin B.F. Burt
Tanya English Band
Wooden Nickel Lottery 
Juliana & A Soul Purpose

Indie Rock/Alt. Pop Rock/ Pop

Condor & Jaybird 
Mountain Swallower 
Sister Wife
The Multiple Cat 
The Golden Fleece
Bedroom Shrine 
US Mode
Centaur Noir 
Jeffrey Konrad
John June Year 
Exit, Emergency
Minus Six 
Tim Stop 
Gina Venier
7th Hour


The Velies
Jason Carl & The Whole Damn Band
Barstool Boogaloo
The Dawn
Dan Hubbard & the Humidors
King of the Tramps
Lewis Knudsen
David Zollo and the Body Electric
Iron Orchard
JE Sunde
Eric Petit Lion
Indiana Solo


Jon Eric
Frank F. Sidney’s Western Bandit Volunteers
The Baberhood Bluegrass Band: Mr. Baber’s Neighbors
Flash in a Pan
Cedar County Cobras 
The Feralings 
The Mayflies
Frankie Joe & Kinfolk
Jenny Lynn Stacy & The Dirty Roosters


Dani Lynn Howe
Cal Stage Band 
Harvest Sons 
Dirt Road Rockers
Monica Bell Band  
North of 40
Whiskey Motel 


Hard Rock & Alt. Rock

Three Years Hollow 
Eleven Fifty Two
The Last Glimpse
Waking Robots

Rockabilly, Surf & Rock n Roll

One Night Standards 
The Afterdarks 
Old 57s
Jenny Lynn Stacy & The Dirty Roosters

Metal / Hardcore

Drama Major 
Searching for Security 
Closet Witch 
My Beautiful Mistake 


The Tripp Brothers
Ace Chamberz – DJ OMS
Matt Rissi 
DJ Higgy


The Candymakers
The Maytags
The Low Down  
The Good Company 
Meteor Cat
The Diplomats of Solid Sound
The Uniphonics
Goose Town 

Folk / Folk Rock

Driftless Sisters 
Molly Durnin
River Glen

Salsa & Latin

Orquesta Alto Maiz
Artes Latinas Agency Group 
Parranderos Latin Combo
Grupo Innstinto


Erin Moore 
Mo Carter
Songbird Bethann
Esme Alexis 
Lojo Russo  
Alan Sweet & Pieces of Candy
Tony Hoeppner 
Angela Meyer
David G. Smith 
Kendra Swanson
Matt Woods
Juliana Logan
Kevin Presbrey 

Jam/Psychedelic Rock

The Dawn 
Dr. Dometone 
The Mayflies
The Low Down 
Condor & Jaybird


Terry Hanson Ensemble 
Manny Lopez Big Band 
The Tritones Jazz Ensemble
Songbird Quartet 
Crazy Blue
Local on the 8’s 


Rude Punch  
Fire Sale

Cover & Tribute Bands

Soul Storm
10 of Soul
Funktastic 5
Smooth Groove 
Dani Lynn Howe Band
Playlist QC 
The Karry Outz 
The Knockoffs 
The Blackstones 
Kerry Tucker / Douglas & Tucker
North of 40 
Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls 
The Fry Daddies 
Who Cares Band
Beaker Brothers Band
The Fez (Steely Dan Tribute)
Have Your Cake (Cake Tribute)
Winterland (Grateful Dead Tribute)
Whiskey’s Gone (Zac Brown Band Tribute)
Class of ’82
Pocket Change

World Music



Youth Bands

Juliana & A Soul Purpose 
YbBlu / Riding Atlas
The Merchants 
Alyx Rush 
Been There Done That 
Hum Hum & The Crash 

Backline Rental Equipment
Griggs Music - (563) 391-9000
Guitar Center -  (563) 355-5667
Rexroat Sound - (309) 764-7663      
River City Sound and Lights - (563) 323-7398  

Musician Hearing Loss Prevention
CloudCover Music

Recording and Videography 
Attica Recording Studio - (309) 786-9832
Joy Avenue Media - (563) 349-0275           
River Drive Records
Up To You Productions                

Recording Studios
2 Dogs Digital Audio Inc - (309) 764-7911   
1st Church of Groove - (563) 381-4535       
Mischief Recording Studio - (563) 263-7686

Rehearsal Spaces
Artistic Minds Studios - (309) 796-6040 

Absolute Videography - (563) 650-2041
Cargill Legal Video Services - (563) 260-5590
GCH Video - (563) 359-5604