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River Music Experience

River Currents Tours

The RME's River Currents Tours are a staple of our educational programs. Every year, around 2,000 elementary age students come through the RME to learn about the evolution of American Roots Music. We do that by singing and talking about the music's history using the Mississippi River as our guide, covering Zydeco, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Country, and Rock n' Roll. We start in New Orleans and move all the way up to Minneapolis.

RCT-2-21-17-Mercer-County.jpgEach student receives a kazoo from RME as well. This is many students' first instrument, and for some, it will be the only instrument they ever own.

If you think River Currents would
be a good fit for your school,

please contact Brianna Hobbs at
or call (563)326-1333 ext. 110